R.K. Tripathi

astrologer R.K. Tripathi ujjain

आर. के. त्रिपाठी

साहित्याचार्य, अनुष्ठान विशारद एवं ज्योतिर्विद

Shri R.K. Tripathi is one of the renowned, famous and experienced astrologers of Ujjain, the city of Sri Mahakaleshwar, who are prominent in Dwadash Jyotirlinga.

Vedic Astrology Services

kundli paramarsh

Kundli Vishleshan

Our Kundli analysis and reading are the main services. The Kundli is made according to the prevalent method of planetary calculations. The person is required to provide the date, time, and place of birth and we study the respective Kundli very deeply and then give suggestions related to the problem.

astrology predictions

Falit Jyotish

In Phalit Jyotish, by analyzing the horoscope of the person concerned an Indian Vedic Astrologer tries to ascertain a person's life or luck from various point of views like education, job, career prospects, business, financial condition, property, marriage, married life, childbirth, foreign tour & health, etc.

Kundli Milan

Everyone wants to find that perfect partner to spend their life with. In our society, arranged marriage is still important. Hence, a comparison of the boy and girl's horoscope chart is crucial before proceeding with the match. This process is called kundli milan or Horoscope Matching or Matchmaking.

kp astrology

K.P. Astrology

KP Astrology is fundamentally the investigation of Stellar Astrology in which we study Nakshatras or Stars and dependent on these boundaries, foresee an occasion in one's life.


There are some good yogas and some bad doshas in the horoscope of every person. And it is very important to know how effective good yoga and bad doshas are. We study all yoga and dosha very deeply in the birth chart of the native.

Vedic Pujan

Pujas are a medium to invoke divine blessings & favours or offer thanks to the Lord. Pujas are usually performed on auspicious dates to attract prosperity, longevity, and good luck. vedic Pujan, Jap, Anushthan are performed by us.


Ask Muhurt

We helps you find auspicious date and time for marriage, griha pravesh, Mundan Ceremony, naming ceremony or buying a vehicle. Muhurat or Muhurtam is the most appropriate and auspicious time for doing certain things and following these timings increases the chances of the task undertaken to be fruitful and successful.

Personalized Astrology Services

If you are having any  question about anything such as Business, Career, marriage & married life, health, Finance, Education, job, travel Child etc. then you can get the right astrological guidance through this report.
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