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Marriage Astrology

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Marriage Astrology

Marriage Astrology why necessary in Hindu mythology says that marriages are made in heavens and is a predestined affair. It is linked to one’s past life karmic matters, and because of which the spouses create rights and obligations between them, which extends to their children’s, in-laws, friends, and funds. A marriage horoscope is the best means to know when the wedding will ring.

A hidden rule in marriage astrology states that many houses of the horoscope remain deactivated until one gets married. Another rule says that many other houses operate with increased strength after one gets married. This means to get married, and bear kids become the karmic duty or otherwise many houses remain in the state of deactivation or operate at lower energy. So, it is suggested that native get his/her marriage horoscope checked by an able astrologer.

I have done some profound studies in marriage astrology. This has become possible because of the large number of cases I have and am handling. A native’s marriage birthchart plays a very important role in it. Most of those cases relate to one of the areas of marriage. My methodologies relate to reading the Lagna and other finer charts like the Navamsha chart and understanding and correcting the native’s karmic pattern. I know certain peculiarities in the horoscope through which the broken truth could be rebuilt. One could get over the past, forgive and be forgiven, how to reconnect, and have achieved considerable success in resolving the following matters:

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