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Positive results come with right communication and with decades of experience. Try for yourself about our experts by calling one of them to feel the delight about understanding your problems, and in getting the best solution and remedies.

In our life, we come across different types of situations. Some are good and some cause great problems. We often experience sufferings, face problems, fight with them, and ultimately seek a sense of fulfillment. The course of life is determined by the effects of the stars, their combinations, yogas in horoscope, etc.

Kundli Vishleshan and Vedic astrology apart from helping predict the future also helps by suggesting various Vedic remedies which help a person to reduce the malefic effects and increase the positive effects. By making use of the Vedic remedies one gets the strength and finds ways to overcome the difficult situations in life. In Kundli Vishleshan Vedic remedies are also helpful to people who are in no difficulties as they get to know the right remedies to multiply the positive effects of the horoscope. Vedic remedies are of various types and each one has their own significance.

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Kundli Vishleshan

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janam patrika

Janma Patrika

Janma Patrika or Kundli is created by us with premium software. Your horoscope has complete knowledge of dosha, yoga and general future prediction. Janma Pattika is constructed under the supervision of experts.

Vedic Pujan

Pujas are a medium to invoke divine blessings & favours or offer thanks to the Lord. Pujas are usually performed on auspicious dates to attract prosperity, longevity, and good luck. vedic Pujan, Jap, Anushthan are performed by us.


There are some good yogas and some bad doshas in the horoscope of every person. And it is very important to know how effective good yoga and bad doshas are. We study all yoga and dosha very deeply in the birth chart of the native.

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