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There are various schemes which can be used in astrology for determining positions of planets and then by using them, astrologers can predict the chances of happening of any event. Krishnamurthy Paddhati of Astrology is also one such system which is used very often to predict events in the future with higher accuracy. It is also known as KP astrology in short where KP obviously stands for Krishnamurthy Paddhati. KP system study was devised by Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy who is considered as one of the most famous astrologers of all time.

Before KP astrology, Vedic astrology was prevalent in India. Shri K.S. Krishnamurthy studied various aspects of Vedic astrology and western astrology and he himself developed a new system of studies which is known as KP system. This system of astrology is highly accurate and is very easy to use for astrologers and hence there are lesser chances of human errors. Birthastro is the most useful website which offer you the advice of one of the best KP astrologers in India.

Birthastro brings you another dedicated astrological service free of cost to you. KP or Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology Software is based on the study of Stellar Astrology. In this, stars are studied to predict an event accurately in one’s life. It is most simple and famous in Hindu astrologyas it is easy to apply and understand conceptually. This software service is of great help to you as well as astrologers to predict an event in most accurate manner.

KP Astrology considers that the houses are not equally divided into 12 divisions but based on the cusps. In this software from Birthastro, the houses are measured from cusp to cusp. Cusp is deemed as the point of connectionor node between two houses. The accuracy of giving any correct prediction with this software will of great help to you. This software can certainly give you an idea for important events and moments in life. It will be important for an astrologer to know this technique as it minimizes the difference between the predictions.

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K.P. Astrology

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Janma Patrika or Kundli is created by us with premium software. Your horoscope has complete knowledge of dosha, yoga and general future prediction. Janma Pattika is constructed under the supervision of experts.

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Pujas are a medium to invoke divine blessings & favours or offer thanks to the Lord. Pujas are usually performed on auspicious dates to attract prosperity, longevity, and good luck. vedic Pujan, Jap, Anushthan are performed by us.


There are some good yogas and some bad doshas in the horoscope of every person. And it is very important to know how effective good yoga and bad doshas are. We study all yoga and dosha very deeply in the birth chart of the native.

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