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Education Astrology

Planetary Combination for Good Marks and Higher Study

Education Astrology

Education or Vidya is perhaps one of the most important thing in our life. All the parents are curious to know about the education of their child. So let’s see how we can know about the prospect of education from a birth chart.

Astrology is the only subject in the world, which can make an advance prediction about the educational aspect of the child including the branch to be selected.

Before discussing combination for good education, we must understand which planets and which houses plays key role in this.

Important houses in Astrology for education
For Education

We have to check 4th house, 5th house, 9th house, 2nd house and Lagna. If the Lagna or Lagna Lord becomes weak, the whole chart will become weak.

4th house: 4th house is the most important house for education and it indicates primary education.

5th house: 5th house is the house of intelligent and knowledge. Without proper intelligence, we cannot acquire knowledge and wisdom.

2nd house: 2nd house indicates family support and resources to complete our education. 2nd house is also the communication skill.

9th house: 9th house is very important for higher education. 9th house is the house of luck, higher wisdom etc. For a good success in higher education we need the help of 9th house.

The Second and 4th house is to be checked for ordinary Education, may be up to graduation level, and for higher education we need to see 5th and 9th house.

Education form

Education Astrology
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