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Can astrology really help in business success?

Yes, astrology can really help in the success of a business. Foremost it lets you know whether you have the acumen to carry out the business. If you have the acumen, it lets you know the type of business you could profitably do. It helps you to decide when to expand and when not to. It warns you beforehand of an anti-Dasha or a period and also helps you keep your nerves. If you follow the detailed astrological advice offered by an able business astrologer, your business success is guaranteed.

Yes, business astrology can really help when a business is failing. When the business starts to fall, many exigent measures and decisions are taken up by the owners, which may or may not prove beneficial. Many times these pressing measures further push the business owners down. It is this time when an able business astrologer could prove helpful. He is the one who will read the chart(s) and will allow you to take only those steps which will eventually prove advantageous to you. He becomes a beacon, which lets you take those steps for which you are never prepared.

Definitely, yes. There is a power in the first letter of your business name. The continuous repetition of the name syllable activates the nakshatra to which it is associated. If you have chosen the business name after due consultation with a business astrologer, the right nakshatra gets a lift and gets activated, which helps you in stabilizing and running the business profitably. But if you have flawed in business name selection and the name syllable activates an enemy/loss/negative Nakshatra, then it can turn the tables for you.

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Business Astrology
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