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Few words about Shri R.K. Tripathi

Sahityacharya, Anushthan Visharad Evam Jyotirvid

Shri R.K. Tripathi Ji is a well-known and experienced astrologer of Ujjain Mahakaleshwar. Shri R.K. Tripathi has mastered the art of peeping into the future lives of people and suggesting remedial measures to ward off malignant effects of planetary positions. The predictions and horoscope interpretations made by him are error-proof being wholly based on the Vedic astrological principle.

Shri R.K. Tripathi Ji has served in the post of Acharya of Puranetihas from 1979 to 1988 in Shri Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Vidyapeeth (University of Sanskrit and Astrology). He has served for many years in the Sanskrit and Astrology Schools and Colleges of Maharishi Yogi Vidyapeeth in various states of India.

You stepped into Ujjain in 1988 and enchanted the sacred city of Baba Mahakal. He decided to settle in the city of Mahakal. Since then, he has been serving in the office near Baba Mahakal. Astrology work has been going on since your third generation. His Yajmans come from every nook and corner of India, not only this but also many of the countries of the world come to meet you or get astrological help from you over the telephone or whatsapp.

Shri R.K. Tripathi has also been contributing regularly to the newspapers and magazines of national and international status for their astrology column. Shri Tripathi Ji can prepare accurate horoscopes, with complete analyses of planetary positions and their impact, giving correct information about health, career, marriage, family relations, litigation, business, travel, etc.
Shri R.K. Tripathi is also a master of Prashna Jyotishi, Question astrology, and can give answers to any question.

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