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What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing. Thus, evidently, the scope following CFA is vast, and one can pursue any interest and specialize in it. Financial modeling, pitch books, valuations, and other skill sets required in the industry that is not covered by the CFA syllabus broaden the scope even more.

cfa job opportunities in india

A degree in finance or completion of CFA with their graduation degree is enough for the job. As a professional certification, the Chartered Financial Analyst profession opens up numerous career opportunities. The Licensed International Financial Analyst is a professional designation for investment professionals throughout the world.

Q2. What is CFA salary in India?

Evaluate financial decisions, set goals and identify key steps for growth. In the table, the salary that a CFA Candidate earns after passing various levels of the test is listed below. In the first three to four years of your career, your pay is comparable to that of other professions, however, once you reach a certain threshold, it begins to climb tremendously. Candidates who complete the CFA programme will be able to pursue the following career paths in addition to the ones listed above. It is not easy to be a CFA; it entails a great deal of responsibility. CFA is under a lot of pressure to be accurate in its tax auditing, property management, and valuation.

It can provide students with a wide range of reading and successful jobs. The scope of CFA in India stretches to the Market research analyst position. They may also require making recommendations based on their findings. The students require a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for CFA or should have a minimum of 4 years of work experience.

Types of Job Roles for CFA

Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median pay for a financial analyst is $95,570. To determine the value of the CFA designation, you must decide whether your chosen career path will require a position within a company or industry that values the CFA over other possible academic endeavors. Read on to get a better understanding of the careers that attract CFAs, and make sure these are positions you are interested in pursuing. Individual will be responsible for a variety of research and portfolio management activities.

  • Some of the popular job profiles are portfolio manager, risk manager, investment banker, research analyst, asset manager, private wealth manager, and many more.
  • Financial talent summit and career day events are organized in various cities.
  • Risk analysts assess future risks, while risk managers put strategies to deal with unforeseen circumstances.
  • The CFA level 1 syllabus focuses on the basic knowledge of 10 topic areas and simple analysis using investment tools.

The CFA salary for freshers in India is around Rs.50,000 per month in cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. This can help answer your questions about industries and companies that pay premiums for the CFA. Banks certainly allocate their best-performing employees to the private banking division for managing the accounts of high-net-worth clients. This practice typically translates to higher investment returns for clients. For being a private banker, the qualification includes a degree in finance or CFA would be enough too.

Our Career Insights webinars series is designed to offer practitioner oriented insights. Each webinar is carefully curated to cover a sectoral overview, major job-roles in the sector, the inherent demands from career paths, behavioral traits, and natural progression pathways for success. The Portfolio Strategist is an investment management role supporting Horizon’s consulting clients. Participates in the management of Sentry ‘s investment assets by following, analyzing, and trading for assigned securities, industries, asset class…

The Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the professing career options if you want to inculcate yourself in the finance field. The CFA program covers almost all aspects of the market financial model. It majorly offers career opportunities in fields like investment banking, asset management, https://1investing.in/ equity analysis, portfolio management, and more. CFA opens up employment options in practically each asset class, and CFA can be found throughout every industry sector. The Chartered Financial Analyst is a dignified certification program, it offers specialization in the finance domain.

Private banking work includes providing banking, investment, tax management, and other financial services to high-net-worth individuals or private clients. Unlike the normal retail banking that we know of, private banking stresses providing more personalized financial services to its high-net-worth clients. Market research analysts are hired by public and private sector organizations, as well as by charities and non-profit organizations.

Dividend Assets Capital is currently seeking an Equity Research Analyst to join its growing investment team. Assist with equity research publications, develop and maintain financial models, complete research requests, generally assist the research. JOB DESCRIPTION Produce detailed thematic reports on emerging technologies, new industries, and global/ regional business trends with a high level … Partner with sales & client service in presenting GW&K’s municipal investment strategies to both existing and prospective clients. Upload your resume so our employers can match your details to the best available jobs. Sign up for our free service and get great jobs emailed to you.


The CFA is a highly general finance course that does not focus on any one asset class. Every asset class is thoroughly covered by CFA in terms of its key concepts and applications. This opens up a wide range of possibilities because it isn’t limited to only stocks, bonds, real estate, or derivatives. CFA is a difficult task that necessitates extensive research and knowledge. Numerous factors contribute to it being a lucrative job globally and one of the most sought after in multinational corporations.

cfa job opportunities in india

The earnings vary according to the experience gained in this field. A fresher earns around INR 2 Lakhs annually which may increase up to INR 29 Lakhs. They also perform various valuation methods and provide recommendations for product offerings, private equity transactions, mergers, and acquisitions. Investment bankers develop relationships with new and existing clients to expand the business and raise capital, review materials used in clients’ financing, and perform due diligence.


They are in charge of multi-million dollar estates and appraisal properties. They’re also in charge of many calculations for property valuations, taxes, and accounts for MNCs, millionaires, and others. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills to establish a rapport with individuals quickly and build trust with potential or current clients.

Due to this, it is straightforward to predict that talented finance specialists will be in high demand for the foreseeable future based upon those data points. Book building, an initial public offering , prospectus preparation, and investment meetings are all examples of financing methods. Issued or sold securities as part of a private placement, mergers, sales, and acquisitions are made. An exam that you feel is difficult may appear to be easy for another person. The way you approach an examination often determines its difficulty.

The most common professions for those who hold the CFA designation are portfolio managers and research analysts, followed by a smaller percentage who work as chief executives and consultants. It covers many sectors and topics related to finance and accounting, for example, economics, statistics, probability theory, financial planning, financial analysis, portfolio management, etc. CFA’s are professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of finance and investment banking. The CFA Institute is an international organization that serves investment management professionals with education, ethics, and certification programs. Before the advent of the CFA, the MBA was the de facto requirement for the investment industry, but the specialized curriculum provided by the CFA has changed that. Now, most companies involved in making or managing investments insist that those in senior positions have the CFA and, in some cases, require that employees in senior positions have both academic achievements.

We all know how well the financial sector pays; it is one of the highest-paying industries. In the United States, the typical compensation for a banker with a reasonable amount of experience cfa job opportunities in india working for any large multinational corporation is above USD $ 200,000. The average salary for occupations that are normally considered according to the CFA is shown in the table below.

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